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LianaPress™ is a platform for distribution of your press releases to news media all around the world.

  • Contacts of 60 000+ journalists and editors from Europe, Asia, MENA and the USA
  • Categories of media: newspapers, magazines, news agencies, press release catalogs, and web portals
  • Attachments to press releases: add image or video
  • Reliable servers guarantee high delivery rates
  • Personal Press Room & Publication in social networks of LianaPress
  • Audience segmentation based on such criteria as news subject, region, types of media, status of the recipient
  • Possibility to upload own contact lists
  • Personalisation of material for each selected journalist
  • Access to statistics generated in real time 

See how you can grow your ROI with LianaCEM™

Jorma Takkinen

35 % of our customers renew their electricity contracts straight from automatic reminders sent with LianaCEM™.

Jorma Takkinen
Electricity Trade Expert, Kuopion Energia

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