All communications services in one package

Liana PR Cloud is a communications entity that utilizes artificial intelligence and enables truly efficient PR and media monitoring. You find exactly the right audiences for your content, as well as monitor the effectiveness of your communications in real time. 


Do PR, monitor and analyze

Whether you work for a federal organization, multinational corporation or an SME, we have a communications package for you. With our service entity you can, for example:

  • Search for journalists and bloggers from our comprehensive media database
  • Distribute your press releases to national and international media
  • Showcase your content in the form of a newsroom
  • Monitor your own brand image, competitors and industry on editorial and social media
  • Analyze the results and ROI of your communications.

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Artificial intelligence helps you measure communications

In order to make measuring communications easier than before, we have enriched our services with artificial intelligence that takes care of collecting data and analyzing it. This AI-based media monitoring can, for example:

  • Go through the content of you press release and search for all the news in journalistic media related to it.
  • Pick the news and discussions on the web that interest you according to a theme, not requiring you to use long keyword optimization.
  • Create profiles of journalists and key opinion leaders and tell in which tone (pos. neutr. or neg.) they write about your organization and themes you are interested in. 

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Boost communications with comprehensive press release distribution

  • As Liana PR Cloud's customer you have access to an extensive media database which is meticulously maintained by a team of information specialists.
  • All the press releases published through our service are distributed straight to journalists', newsdesks' and bloggers' emails, the LianaPress portal, as well as social media channels and your own newsroom.
  • From the service analytics you can monitor which journalists read your releases and see their open rates.
  • We have comprehensive databases of Northern and Central Europe, Baltic States, the Middle East, the United States and Asia.

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Reliable service and support

As our customer you get your own account manager who is personally in touch with you regularly and gives you an introduction to the services as you start using them. The Liana Technologies tech support team is at your service throughout your customership. 

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