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Liana Technologies – Software for professional online marketing and communications

Liana Technologies – Software for professional online marketing and communications Samuli Tursas We invest a lot in our own product development and good customer service. Great results demand both. Samuli Tursas CEO, Liana Technologies

Liana Technologies is a European company specialized in digital marketing and communication software. The company was established in 2005 and is headquartered in Finland. Our clients are professionals in digital marketing, communications and advertisement - our mission is to give them the best possible tools in the form of digital Liana product family. We are one of the fastest growing tech companies in Finland and have offices in Dubai, Paris, Munich, Hong Kong and Stockholm. Liana products are used in over 3500 companies; customers include e.g. Hertz, SAP, Toyota, Ikea and Starbucks.

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Liana Technologies

Founded: In 2005 Read about the history
Business ID: FI28544712 (Liana Technologies; Group company)
FI19399621 (Koodiviidakko Oy, Finland)
CEO: Samuli Tursas
Ownership: 100 % privately owned by founders and employees
Turnover: 14,3M€ 2018 with profitable business
Employees: Over 200 employees in 6 countries
Offices: Finland: Oulu and Helsinki
Sweden: Stockholm
Germany: Munich
France: Paris
China: Hong Kong
Middle East: Dubai, UAE
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Customers: Over 3,500 customers in Finland, Scandinavia, Central Europe, Russia, the Middle East and China See references
More: Well funded for growth and profitable. Right attitude!


E-mail: hello(@)lianatech.com


Phone: +46 709 3787 58


Phone: +49 162 25 33 811


Phone: +33 6 49 08 95 72

Middle East

Phone: +971 4 360 7939

Hong Kong

Phone: +852 3706 8427