Investor relations entity for the communications needs of public companies

With Liana, you handle your company's communications quickly and efficiently. You are able to send stock exchange and press releases, monitor your visibility in the journalistic and social media, measure the effectiveness of your communications and implement visually stunning newsrooms and annual reports. Our service is effortless and secure to use, and you get personal support and guidance when you need it.


Stock exchange releases 

With LianaPress press release distribution service, you are able to send your stock exchange releases reliably to all the channels according to the disclosure requirements.

  • Releases are delivered according to all laws and regulations to the stock exchange, release archive, main media, Kauppalehti magazine's website, and your own website.
  • The contacts you want, such as analysts, can be added to the distribution list.
  • With the press release subscription form, you give the opportunity for your shareholders, investors and other stakeholders to get your press release in their email.
  • You can publish all the language versions of your stock exchange releases at the same time.

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Finland's leading press release distribution service

LianaPress is Finland's leading press release distribution with over 25 000 press releases sent annually.

  • LianaPress has an extensive media database (the largest in Finland) which is meticulously maintained by a team of information specialists.
  • All the press releases published through our service are distributed straight to journalists' and newsdesks' emails. In addition, the press releases are published in's press release section and LianaPress portal that has over 150 000 monthly readers.
  • We have comprehensive databases to the Nordic and Baltic regions, as well as the Middle East, the Unites States and Asia.

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More visibility with a newsroom

With a newsroom, you can present your media material comprehensively to the press, investors, shareholders, and other stakeholders.

  • A newsroom embedded to your website is perfectly in line with your site's visual appearance and customized according to your specific needs.
  • In addition to sharing stock exchange and press releases in your newsroom, you can share videos, images and news, and articles related to your company.
  • All of the content in your newsroom can be imported with automated feeds and you don't need to worry about updating the site. 

Measure communications efficiently

With LianaMonitor media monitoring service you measure the results of your communications and carry out extensive publicity, competitor and industry monitoring.

  • The service picks the news, articles and social media discussions that interest you from the web and compiles visually clear analyses and email reports from the monitoring results.
  • With the automated monitoring of how your press releases go through in the media, you can follow closely what is written about your releases and in which media. 
  • The AI-enriched features enable LianaMonitor to tell you the tone of the news nearly in real time. With the tone anaysis, you can monitor the development of your public image and target your communications more and more accurately at certain audiences. 

Digital annual reports we have implemented:


Take your annual report online

An online annual report is always available for investors, owners and the media – regardless of time and place.

  • With a versatile and scalable platform, an annual report can be implemented with exactly the wanted outlook.
  • Charts, PDF prints and other special requirements for annual reports are effortless to create.
  • The mobile-friendly implementation ensures that your annual report always looks elegant, no matter what device is being used.

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